Hello, I'm Sheldon. Nice to meet you!

There is nothing more that I love than taking photos of people. It’s my passion and what made me originally fall in love with photography. My goal when shooting your special day is to capture you and your true beauty, but there’s a little bit of planning that needs to be done beforehand.

Below is a listing of my collection pricing and what I offer.

The Wedding Box

I believe in once in a lifetime moments. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime memory so with each of my packages I like to include a one of a kind "Wedding Box" hand crafted by me. I pour my heart and soul into each box making it special for you.

The wedding box includes:

  • A hand crafted natural wood gift box

  • Your images on a custom flash drive

  • A little hand written note from me to you

  • Five x 12.5cm prints from your special day

Collection Extras:

The Photobooth
Booth: R2 500     Props: R600

Engagement Shoot / Bridal Session
If I’m not shooting your wedding R3500   |    If I am shooting your wedding R2000

Trash the dress shoot

Extra hours
R2000 for each additional hour

Hand crafted coffee table albums
Hand crafted coffee table albums (Custom made albums designed by our layout professionals with a personalised front cover)
A4 book printed cover: R4500
A4 book leather cover: R5250
A3 book printed cover: R6000
A3 book leather cover: R7500

(Beautiful wooden stretcher frame canvasses with a UV protective coating which doubles as a washable surface)
A3 Canvas: R800
A3 Canvas: R800
A2 Canvas: R1000
A1 Canvas: R1200

Accordion booklet
(A square 75mm booklet with 10 pages and a hard front and back cover. The perfect gift for friends and family)
R250 each

The experience

This may be an overwhelming experience, as you may have never done anything like this before but not to worry, I’m here to help with that. The planning process begins with us having a pre-wedding meeting in order for us to discuss the day and plan out some of the shots you’d like me to get.

Natural light is something I pay very close attention to. Quality of light is extremely important when it comes to my photos as well as making you look amazing. The best time for the couple shoot is just before and during sunset. If it’s an overcast day, anytime throughout the day is perfect as the light is soft and flattering. Don’t worry about feeling natural in front of the camera at first, I try make it as comfortable for you as possible during the shoot.


A major part of my process is the editing and retouching that goes into making my photos. It’s both time consuming and an extremely intricate process. Something I really believe adds that special touch to my images and makes them stand out from the rest.
Retouching an image is what I do after the shoot where I sit myself down in front of my computer for hours at a time. I go about removing the tiny imperfections in the image, from tiny blemishes on your skin, to giant rubbish bins, dragons and various mythical creatures from the background. I will also colour correct the image and polish up the lighting.
I aim to keep you looking as natural as possible whereas some people would just blur your skin, we need to remember that even perfect skin still has pores! I clean up your skin while retaining as much texture as possible to prevent you from looking like a piece of latex.

A lot of my work also involves Photoshop work, this is often required for conceptual shots as one final image may be made up of 30-60 images. These images are then put together like pieces of a puzzle in order to create a giga photo which looks incredible. These are usually the “hero” images of the shoot and really stand out from the rest.

A few things to keep in mind

Please make sure that we have at least an hour after the ceremony for the couple shoot and that you set aside some time for the family shots as well, this usually takes around 20-30 minutes.

A 50% non-refundable booking fee is required to secure me for your special day and insure that someone else doesn't steal me for their wedding. The final 50% is due a minimum of 2 weeks before the wedding takes place. 

I’d appreciate it tremendously if you set aside a table for myself and my assistant during reception.

If you want more edits I’m happy to do that too. I work at a rate of R1000 per hour on editing after the initial edited photos.

I’d recommend we meet a week or two before the wedding so that we can discuss some ideas and you can get to know me, this way you’ll feel more comfortable on your special day and I won’t be a stranger any more. If it’s a destination wedding, a Skype meeting can be easily arranged.