One More Adventure

What is One More Adventure?

Created by a man in love with travel, a man with a passion for creating and sharing and a man who needs to be constantly working his butt-off to be satisfied. 

Okay enough with the third person stuff, I'm Sheldon and it's a pleasure to meet you! I created One More Adventure as a way for me to satisfy my need to travel and to share the world through beautiful imagery by bartering my way around. 
I want to share the world with those around me for them to realise that paradise and beauty could literally just be a stone's throw away.


Who am I and why should you care?


Photographer // Filmmaker

I'm a creator, that's really all I care about and all I want to do. Brands need content created. Its this relationship that works and it works well! I create content for you in exchange for help from your brand whether it be the service your provide, monetary compensation or simply a mutually beneficial online sharing exchange. As I said above sharing is something I love, so I'll create content that I can share as well, further helping out your brand. You could also use the fancy new term "influencer" but I really hate that word and it sounds a lot like "influenza".

Take a look at some of my work below:

A few of my Instagram statistics:

In addition to Instagram I also have 6, 300 Facebook followers and 1000 active daily Snapchat viewers. 

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Why am I seeing this page?

Possibly the most important question on here. You're seeing this because I want you to be a part of my next adventure! One More Adventure is a collaboration project. Work with brands who can provide one of the few integral parts of creating the next adventure. So if you can provide any of the following items that we require for One More Adventure we'd love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with you, or if you're not in South Africa, we can arrange a romantic Skype date.


I need to get places, so if you can provide some form of transport for our next trip, whether it be flights, vehicles, cabs, turtles, anything really.  


Sleep. A very important factor, beauty sleep is required. Well not really, any sort of sleep, if you can offer place to plonk my head, that's good enough.

Photo/video Gear

Although I do have my own gear when it comes to photography and video. I love working with cool new stuff, who doesn't? 

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