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Hello, I'm Sheldon. I'm a Johannesburg and Cape Town based photographer specialising in weddings and portraiture.

I spend my life looking at the world through my camera and there's nothing that I love more than making pictures for people. 

Growing up, the arts had always been a strong influence in my life, I started working as a graphic designer and illustrator although I soon began to realise that photography is where my heart is happiest. I freaking love nature and the outdoors. Thanks to photography, I've been blessed with incredible opportunities working with amazing people and travelling to the most beautiful places. If you're thinking of hiring me for a gig that I have to travel for, I'M IN!

Oh, you just want to hang out and chat? That's okay too, I hang out with me all day and never get bored, shoot me an email and let's chat!

Contact me on any of my social channels below or just give me a call, let's work together!

Phone: +27 (0)84 619 5907

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