I've got the Blues

Right, so the title may be a little misleading, I'm actually having the best time of my life!

Recently I had the opportunity of going on a country wide adventure with Elvis Blue to document the creative process of his new album and to shoot the music video for his single "Shine". 

I flew down to Cape Town with my assistant, met up with Elvis and his logistics manager, hopped in an RV and over the next 8 days we road-tripped back to Johannesburg. Every day we stopped at dozens of stunning locations all along our route, which was about 2000kms by the way, to shoot some incredible scenes and South African moments! Okay, so I know we were in an RV but we didn't actually sleep in this thing. Four big dudes in a medium to large sized vehicle...things can get smelly. 

We drove along the coast and slightly inland. I knew that I lived in a good looking country but holy cow this place is nuts! I met so many awesome people and saw some of the most incredible places.

We'd then spent the day driving to get those kilometres in and arrive at our hotel/bungalow/cabin or house, depending on where we were staying each night. We then woke up every morning between 3AM and 4AM so that we could pack up, hit the road and shoot at sunrise.  My assistant and I would unpack all our stuff, set up and get ready to shoot at sunset, which was around 8PM every night. After the sunset shoot we'd grab some dinner and get back to our rooms at about 11:30. Time to dump the files from the shoot, charge batteries, and shower. Never forget to shower!
I did fall asleep multiple times in the shower. Exhaustion. It's a thing. 

12:30 - Bed time!

03:00 - Oh is that my alarm I hear? Sheesh, I just got to bed. Time to hit the road again!

Yes, we did this for 8 straight days. Am I complaining? Not even slightly, it was one of the best experiences I've ever had and I'm revving to get on to another big project like this!

Check out some of the photos of our Journey below.

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