Hasselblad H6D - In the Ring with a $27,000 Monster

A couple weeks ago, I found myself in Cape Town for some photography work and boring old business stuff. You know, the obligatory paperwork, meetings, no sleep, "please run me over with a dump-truck" kind of work that comes with running a business. Oh you don't know about that kind of work? Just me then. Okay.

Well besides that, I always try make room for some fun and luckily there are awesome people at Sunshine Co. and Hasselblad who make fun things happen. Think of them like real life Stark Industries from Marvel who have access to the latest and greatest technology money can buy, except they don't deal in weapons.
So they called me up on a Friday to let me know that The Monster, aka the Hasselblad H6D would be in studio on Monday and it was my duty to tame it. I had two days to get my arsenal into gear and put together a shoot. One thing I absolutely love about my life is the spontaneity of it. I hardly ever plan anything very far in advance (which is horrible, never take my advice, you should plan) but so far it's worked out alright and has presented some incredible opportunities. (Still though, plan).

Over the weekend, I got in touch with two models Dani and Tyla who just stole the show, as you'll see, and were patient with me while I spent some time trying to figure out how the hell to use this camera and lights.

Monday morning came, I was thrown into the ring with the Hasselblad and these are the results. Hassy got in a few punches in round one but I think I conquered the beast at the end of the day.

Daniella Cooper

Firstly, let's just take a moment to appreciate the detail this camera captures. Click on the image to enlarge it and feast your eyes my fellow pixel peeping friends. Feast your eyes!

Some cultures believe that a camera can capture your soul. I'm pretty certain this camera does just that as well as being able to see your past and future! It's just so damn crispy! Great huh?

Tyla Johannessen

Colour. OH MY GOODNESS. The colour! I love playing with colour so this is where I was absolutely blown away by the tones and range of colour this machine produces. Skin tones are magically rendered, highlights are smooth and clean and there's detail in even the deepest darkest shadows of the image. 

Daniella Cooper

Even when colour is taken out of the equation, clarity and sharpness take the stage.

Tyla Johannessen

Thanks again to everyone who helped put this together! As always, you're awesome!

Models: Tyla Johannessen & Daniella Cooper
Gear and Studio: Sunshine Company
Photography & Retouching: Sheldon Evans

If you've made it to the end of yet another one of my tediously long posts then feel free to check out some BTS shots thanks to the legend Willem Foster

Don't forget to let me know what you think!