2017 Workshop

Intensive workshop on exposure, light, connecting with your subject and post-workflow.

I don't wan't this to be a crowded workshop so I'm limiting it to 12 seats only so that I can connect with each of you individually.  I won't be holding back any secrets either and I wan't to share with you as much as possible from connecting with your subjects to intricate post processing details. 

It's not about the technical knowledge (although I will be covering this). It's about crafting an image and putting a little bit of your heart and soul into each photograph you make and getting the best performance out of your subjects.

What we'll be covering:


This is your opportunity to meet and mingle with fellow workshop attendees, which will create a sociable and fun environment for all of us.
I'll chat about the story of how I started out shooting for myself and eventually landing much bigger commercial jobs in the matter of months.

What gear would best serve you in a multitude of situations

The shoot
I'll cover every aspect of how I approach and tackle shoots from camera angles to setting up the shot and getting the best performance out of your model.
We'll have a professional model at the workshop and I'll take you through the entire shoot process from start to finish.

Cinematic lighting and how to create mood
Learn how to dissect light and recreate it in your own work
Additive lighting approach and knowing when to stop
Portable flash kits and lighting on a budget
How I reversed the norm and went from learning how to use artificial light to using natural light

We'll end the day off with a detailed questions and answers segment, so make sure to jot your questions down for this.


Post processing plays a large role in the overall color tone and feel of a shoot. There is no quick process for thoroughly re-touching images, there is however a very wrong way to go about it. I'll breakdown the post process from import to export. 

Editing and workflow
File management and backups
Raw file conversions and file prep
Adobe Lightroom Organizational workflow
Adobe Photoshop high end retouching and colour grading
Image delivery

We'll end the day off with a detailed questions and answers segment, so make sure to jot your questions down for this.

Date: 23 & 24 March 2017
Investment: R4000
Location: Sunshine Co. Studios in Rosebank and the Munro Boutique Hotel in Houghton
Parking: On-street
Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Availability: 12 seats

Light snacks, drinks and lunch will be provided. 


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What you need to know

I'm new to photography, can I still attend the workshop?
All levels of creativity are welcome although some of the strategies and techniques are advanced. As long as you know how to completely use your camera in manual mode, you should be fine.

What should I bring with?
If you'd like to grab some images during the workshop, bring your camera with. Laptops are also encouraged if you'd like to follow along during the post-processing section of the workshop although if you'd prefer to take notes, notebooks will be provided for everyone. 

Do I need to bring my own lunch or beverages?
Lunch and basic beverages will be provided. But, we suggest you bring your own water bottle to keep hydrated! If you have any dietary concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.